Breathless Punta Cana is Rainforest Alliance Certified for its commitment to employing a variety of environmentally-friendly practices to support and promote sustainable tourism efforts and social responsibility. Here below some recommendations to our guests:

Code of Conduct
Please check with your Tour Operator the code of conduct for visiting natural protected areas, archaeological, historical and sacred places.

Environment & Waste
Please avoid excessive waste and the use of plastic bottles and straws. Use our 3 different trash containers in the public areas: Recyclables (plastic, metal and paper), Organic (dirty paper, rests of food, etc.), Non- recyclables: (any other materials).

Water & Energy
Help us make the difference! Please use our Towels & Sheets policy published in the room. Unplug your mobile charger, turn off the lights when not needed, take out the electricity card when you are not in the room.