Transcend your body and mind to a new level of relaxation through the massages offered at our Relax Spa. Unwind and let go with this truly ultimate experience. Our options include:

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• Pure Bliss Massage - Swedish | 50, 80 Minutes
Let go and float into a world of pure bliss as we apply melting scented massage oils combined with the secret healing powers of plants. Using Swedish massage strokes, this treatment will awaken your senses and vanquish all stress from your entire being and leave you feeling utterly reformed.

• Euphoric Massage - Deep Tissue | 50, 80 Minutes
Escape with this sensory experience using a blend of techniques, we welcome you. Using deep pressure point massages to restore deep euphoric relaxation as pure luxurious plant elixirs are absorbed to awaken all your senses. Visibly restoring your skin to its former natural beauty from within.

• Men’s Sports Massage | 50 Minutes
For those who enjoy the active lifestyle that can often result in sore muscles and sports injuries. Let us relieve your aches and pains with result-oriented sports massage techniques, your muscles will thank you for it.

• Muscle Soothe Moor Massage | 50 Minutes
Warm blends of scented oils drench weary muscles to relax and rejuvenate. Followed by a warm aromatic Moor Mud from the earth, rich in natural vitamins and infused with plant hormones is then generously applied to your entire body to detoxify and bring a sense of peace and well-being.

• Invigorate Aromatherapy Massage | 50, 80 Minutes
Unwind and let go with this truly ultimate experience as you melt way with a blend of customized exotic aromatherapy oils. Let stress vanish as you indulge in an uplifting and invigorating massage like you've never experienced before.

• Hot Sabai Stone Massage | 80 Minutes
Exhale and relax with this holistic experience as hot black granite mineralized stones touch your body. Malachite and Zincite synchronized with earth’s energy will inspire overall wellness to your entire being… mind, body, and spirit.
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