Body Treatments

Relax your muscles, revitalize your skin and detoxify your body with our Spa Body Treatments.

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• Silk Skin Exfoliation | 25 Minutes
This wonderful silky exfoliation will revive and reveal a beautiful radiant skin using scents from flowers and nature infused oils. Gentle scrubbing techniques are applied leaving the skin soft as a flower’s petal. For ultimate results, this service is recommended before any massage or body treatment.

• Green Apple Exfoliation | 50 Minutes
Let’s take you back to a special as we combine for you a special French sea salt creation with organic green apple oils to deeply hydrate and brighten your skin. The aroma will invigorate your senses and bring you to a level of serenity that will take you back in time.
*Includes a 25 minute hydrating massage.

• Chocolate Mint Exfoliation | 25 Minutes
Tantalize your taste buds by enjoying a succulent chocolate mint body exfoliation the spa way… calorie free! Our Chocolate melting salts combined with a gentle exfoliating ritual will feast your senses and vanquish stress with this aromatic delight.

• Tropical Escape Body Wrap | 50 Minutes
Crème Fraîche wrap drenched with Papaya-Pineapple fruit extracts. Enriched with Crème Fraîche natural butter with pomegranate extract and tropical flavors. The luscious Crème Fraîche formula is applied all over your body for a glorious sensory escape. As you are enveloped by the scent of vanilla and enticing tropical fruits, your skin is deeply nourished, and rejuvenated revealing an astonishing youthful look.

• Seaweed Detox Body Wrap | 50 Minutes
This seawater ambiance experience is a therapeutic seaweed wrap that contours, hydrates, and re-mineralizes every sense of self. Your treatment embarks with a gentle exfoliation, followed by the application of warm micronized seaweed cataplasm only the sea can deliver. You are then wrapped in warm blankets to ensure the release of stress and toxins that will leave you feeling as if floating on water.

• Guilty Pleasure Chocolate Body Wrap | 50 Minutes
Surrender as you indulge in this guilty pleasure and feel the warmth of this exclusive soothing, bubbling, and self-heating hot chocolate fondue wrap. Formulated to vanquish fatigue and stress while promoting skin strengthening, it surrounds you in visions of chocolate. Every guilt free inch of your skin will be invigorated and restored resulting in a refreshed chocolate lovers dream experience.

• Too Much Sun Immediate Relief Body Wrap | 50 Minutes
Relieve your sunned kissed body after enjoying a day of fun in the sun with this refreshing and savory wrap. Like cooling waters from where water lilies lie, this treatment will alleviate and cool all discomforts caused by prolonged fun in the sun. Soothing your skin’s burning sensations, this treatment will heal every discomfort by decreasing skin temperature on contact by caressing your skin.
*Our Boutique offers exclusive Pevonia products.